Celestina Levant

Phone : 054-7603595 Email : skykid17@yahoo.com
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Artwork and Commissions

My work is usually spontaneous rather than from maticulous planning or deep and complex meaning.

I like to see a humerous or exploratory side of things and most of my inspiration is from nature.

I also enjoy exploring materials and finding their weaknesses and streangths and “bending” their rules a little.

I love working with found objects – branches and pieces of wood or parts of chairs, scraps of metal, game pieces that people discarded, and much more. I also like to find creative ideas to fill spaces that are otherwise  “neglected” (such as the metal site specific project I did at the University of the Arts [photo below])

If you have an idea you would like to bring to life or you have a space in your home or garden you’d like filled or have scraps of material you would like to turn into artwork, I can help you.

( I  have references for some of the commissions I have posted. )

Artwork and commission photos: